3 comments on “What happens to your money when you make an electronic bank transfer which can take up to three days to reach the other account?

  1. At any given moment there are vast amounts of cash moving between private accounts in different banks.
    The mongrel bastard administrators of these institutions have figured out that a few days interest on these billions amounts to a steady income of tens of millions of dollars for the institution, which translates to many millions of dollars in bonuses for the sleazy executive robber barons at the helm of these companies, come reporting time.
    Your money and my money is being withheld so as to add it to that pool of cash from which the worst of us enrich themselves at the expense of the rest of us. It is a fundamentally parasitical relationship that the banks have groomed us into. They are the lowest form of life sapping, blood suckers on this good green Earth. It is vital to realise that the players of the banking world are a part of a culture which is unashamedly and flagrantly taking the piss, at your personal expense.
    A recruiting official for the industry explained to me the acknowledged practice of psychometrically identifying actual psychopathic candidates for certain positions in the knowledge that these creatures won’t hesitate to push the “profit button” at any cost despite the damage that pushing it will often cause.
    We now know what these people are, we know why they act the way they do. Now we need to stop them.

  2. When I closed my ANZ account, the bank kept it running and added $127 in account keeping fees and anonymous charges over a six month period. I first heard of it from a dept collector. When I contacted the bank about it, I was told they could not discuss the account as it was handed to the dept collector. I paid my dept. The last I will see of ANZ.

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